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Welcome to Real World Revit!

When I first learned Revit, the training materials were very poor (just click here and do this, with very little explanation of why, or big picture concepts) and nearly useless as references. As a result, I had a long-standing desire for something better, so while trying to build a consulting business in 2013[?], I started writing a training manual. The book was intended to be used in a class or self-paced setting, but also meant to be a practical reference for use during production work. One of the major features was to be a system for documentation of the company-specific changes made (project template, families, etc.).

The book was never finished, but I wanted to put the material to good use, so I created this wiki and started copying content into it. A large amount of material has yet to be copied, but I hope you find it useful as-is. The navigation bar at right, and the links below (especially the bold items), should give access to most pages.

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